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Google English: "Data: the new gold and the future is federated

In order to really benefit from the enormous growth of data in science and business, data must be shared. The solution is federated, with knowledge institutions bundling their research data, it technology and expertise. In this way we as a small country can counterbalance the monopolisation of big data by it-giants like Google.

We live in an era in which the volume of data exponentially grows and where computing power and storage capacity seem to be no restrictions. This is visible in data-intensive fields such as astronomy, where people work on the transition from Petabyte systems to Exabytes, and in sciences such as psychology or economics where datasets now contain several terabytes. The rapid development of data processing and analysis constantly leads to new scientific insights.

But major scientific discoveries and disruptive business innovations based on large-scale data have yet to come. This requires not only a lot of data, but also data from different sources, such as medical data, economic data and climate data. Combining data from multiple sources requires strong processing of the individual datasets so that they fit together...."


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