”Tutkimuskulttuurin on muututtava, jotta datan jakamisesta tulisi sääntö eikä poikkeus” – Tuuli Toivosen Open Data Champions -haastattelu – Think Open

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Google English: ""The research culture has to change to make data sharing a rule and not an exception" - Tuuli Toivosen Open Data Champions Interview

The many obstacles to access to data generated by publicly available data - and the potential for exploiting data - have given the geographer Tuuli Toivonen an interest in open data at a time. According to Toivonen, awarded with Open Data Champions, researchers should be aware of data sharing practices at an early stage.

Last year, the SPARC Europe library community awarded three researchers from the University of Helsinki - Tuuli Toivonen , Ari Asm and Mikko Tolonen - with the Open Data Champions award granted for the promotion of open research data (see also Flamma News ). The Think Open blog publishes interviews with HY researchers who have been awarded in July.

The series is started by Tuuli Toivonen, associate geographer and geoinformatics. This interview has been made on the basis of an original English-language interview .

Why do you consider sharing data as important? What helped you understand the importance of sharing data?

As a researcher about 15 years ago, I needed the data produced by the authorities in my research work. Negotiations on obtaining data lasted for a long time, and sometimes the necessary datasets were simply too expensive to acquire. It was frustrating to know that valuable data had been collected without it being available. Frustration was especially strong when the collection of data was answered by a publicly funded institution that did not have its own resources to analyze data. We then stated that the data generated by public funds must be used by researchers. Or even better, we thought the data would be accessible to all without restrictions. This would reduce administrative workload and lower the threshold for cooperation between researchers, businesses and active citizens and the resulting innovation. Later, partly thanks to the Open Data Movement and the European-wide operation (eg the INSPIRE Directive), the authorities began to distribute their data openly in Finland. This created the basis for the emergence of new research and reduced the time spent on administrative processes...."



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