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Google English: "Required open data standards!

The number of available open data sets is growing steadily. But the Court of Audit found last year that nearly 12,000 data sets were available at the national data portal data.overheid.nl . Less than 10 percent of these datasets originate from local authorities. In addition, datasets from lower authorities are hardly usable. In order to really get open data from local authorities, mandatory standards and further development of data.overheid.nl are necessary.

Open data at local authorities has some extra challenges than other datasets, while the range of tasks and therefore the importance of these governments is increasing. Suppose I am an entrepreneur who wants to collect all Dutch charging stations for electric cars or I am a journalist who wants to analyze municipal subsidies. What are my challenges then? First of all, I will check which governments already make this data available. This most likely results in the observation that a fraction of the authorities actively publish this data. This means calling, emailing or sending Wob requests to obtain information...."



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