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"It occurs to me today that a lot of students and academic researchers do not know much about Sci-hub that they can download journals and research paper from Sci-hub. They only go to Google to search for research papers, eBooks, and textbooks when they can get the latest article from top scholars free from Sci hub. Not to talk about the usefulness of the internet to human existence. Other internet facilities like social media and browsers extensions such as eBook downloader browsers extension worth human attention and make use of it to its fulfillment. There are websites where you can search and download research papers and journal articles for free. Most of the websites do not require a login access before you can search and download journal articles in your field of study.

Sci-Hub Journal Site Alternatives

Apart from the fact that sci hub is a popular website used by top researchers and they are also some popular websites where you can download articles journals’ for free legally.


Unpaywall is a website built to help the researchers to gather all journal article in a single archive where they’d have direct access to it and download. It’s claimed that all article journal available in Unpaywall website is 50-85% of all the journal published for a legal download...."



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