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Google English: "OSF (Open Science Framework) Aiming for open psychology research


Currently, The 51st Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology

(Also known as MathPsych / ICCM 2018).

At this conference, research presentations on Bayesian Cognitive Modeling are actively conducted.

On the other hand, many psychologists participating in this society are interested in Bayesian statistical modeling as well as psychological reproducibility problems, understand psychological phenomena from a methodology or a broader perspective In order to do research.

Among them, "visualization" of research using OSF is becoming mast.

Actually, efforts are also being made to share slides and posters announced at MathPsych in one place and open them...

Here, we will briefly summarize how to use OSF when writing a paper (or research presentation).

(First of all, since I learned that there was an anonymous function for peer review when I was fiddling with OSF recently, I will write it as a memorandum for myself.

First of all, if you do not know OSF, please see this slide...."



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