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The Open Access Office Berlin supports the three major Berlin universities, the Charité and other scientific institutions of the state, to make scientific publications freely available online.

...Christina Riesenweber and Andreas Hübner have shown great interest and enthusiasm in the open access office in Berlin: "I've always found the topic very exciting, spent several years at the Helmholtz Open Access Coordination Office and am happy to be open access through my work To be back in this profession ", explains Andreas Hübner. Christina Riesenweber has come to her work through her own publications: ten years ago she founded the still-existing open-access journal textpraxis.net and subsequently worked for the science publisher DeGruyter. "When you look at digital scientific publishing, Open Access is just part of it," she says.

The activities of the OAAB are aimed primarily at employees who promote open access infrastructures at universities and usually work in libraries or research departments. They should receive necessary open access expertise as a tool.

Hübner and Giantweber call collaboration and cooperation principles that best describe their work: "We are driving the networking between the Berlin institutions. In the meantime, the Open Access managers from the various institutions are familiar with each other, there is a lot of exchange, "says Hübner. This exchange takes place, among other things, in workshops and working groups coordinated by the OABB. One of the AGs brings together the open access officers of the three major Berlin universities and the Charité once a quarter: Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Degkwitz for the Humboldt University Berlin, Prof. dr. Vera Meyer for the Technical University of Berlin, Lisa Liebenau for the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Christina Riesenweber herself as open access representative of the Freie Universität Berlin. "There are often talk points here where we find that everyone is working on similar issues." The exchange on a practical level is often very productive, so that synergies would be found and new ideas would come about. This is something that our colleagues also perceive as great added value, according to Christina Riesenweber...."



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