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"In January 2021, Women in Red is focusing again on "public domain". The Berne Convention establishes that authors enter the public domain on the following the next January 1st after a certain amount of years (normally 50 to 70) of their death. Activists supporting free access to knowledge and culture have created the "public domain day" as a way to celebrate the fact that different authors enter the public domain on a single date. The proposal for this activity is to help create and improve articles of the women that are entering in the public domain this year, and also encourage other activities that can take place now with their works: for example, digitize and upload them to Commons, transcribe them in Wikisource, create new Wikidata items for women creators, create new Wikidata items for their works, among other activities. When: The actual day in which women enter the public domain is on January 1st, but people can edit throughout January. How: We have created a list that you can use to know which women are entering in the public domain this year. As a way to avoid complexity, we created the list based on +70 post-mortem calculation (i.e., deaths in 1950). These dates might differ in your country (for example, if you are in Mexico, is +100 post-mortem, or if you are in Uruguay or Canada, is +50 post-mortem). If you want to create a specific list for your country, you're more than welcome to do so!..."


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