‘Launching EnableOA: An Open Access Publishing Platform’ | Jeff Pooley

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From a March press release announcing the “EnableOA” publishing platform:

The Amnet and Coko Foundation partnership has paved the way for EnableOA: an open access publishing platform for the scholarly community. It is a comprehensive framework with a slew of modular and smart features that allow customization of the platform to best suit the publishing requirements of a user. The platform is designed to reduce publishing cost and time while supporting greater collaboration, research and development integrity, distribution, and transparency.

I hadn’t heard of Amnet before. It’s a buzzword-heavy, India-based contract publisher, specializing in “Smartshoring®”: “a smart balance between onshore and offshore resources enriched with strategic global partnerships across multiple geographies.” The company—which is part of a larger holding group—is clearly moving into scholarly publishing, with the EnableOA journal and book platforms.




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