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Your responsibilities

  1. Build strategies to drive adoption and technical implementation
  • Continuously evaluate workflows and demonstrate value for community stakeholders through embedding DataCite services in their workflows
  • Communicate the stakeholder value proposition across the various DataCite services
  • Lead the DataCite Service Providers program
  • Monitor the use of DataCite services to track key adoption metrics
  • Provide input into the product design specifications as needed
  • Develop relevant materials and demonstrate best practices in order to improve adoption
  1. Lead the DataCite Adoption team
  • Manage a small team responsible for Adoption, Technical Workflows, and Support
  • Develop the DataCite adoption strategy and align with the DataCite strategic plan
  • Be the internal point of contact for the DataCite Engineering team to ensure alignment
  1. Organize community efforts towards adoption of data metrics
  • Advocate for adoption of responsible, meaningful approaches to research data assessment
  • Coordinate with community stakeholders to define the adoption strategies of data usage and data citation best practices
  • Convene community stakeholders to build on the established Community of Practice
  1. Ensure project outcomes are adopted as part of DataCite's core services
  • Develop adoption strategies for the various project activities and outputs
  • Work with Early Adopters to provide exemplar implementations and best practices
  • Actively participate in community groups and meetings to ensure alignment across community initiatives
  1. Coordinate further development and adoption of the DataCite metadata schema
  • Be the DataCite representative on the Metadata Working Group
  • Collate member, service provider, and other community stakeholder feedback for the Metadata Working Group and share adoption and implementation use cases
  • Work with members, service providers and other community stakeholders on implementation of metadata best practices

Required skills and qualifications

  • University degree
  • Familiar with research infrastructure and the open science landscape
  • Sufficient technical skills to advise members on integrations, including experience with making and troubleshooting requests to RESTful APIs and familiarity with XML and JSON data structures
  • Experience with Git/Github and basic knowledge of one or more scripting languages such as Python, Javascript, Ruby or PHP
  • Familiarity/comfort with command line tools, such as cURL
  • Knowledge of data metrics and the various community efforts
  • Passionate about metadata
  • Ability to work with a distributed team across time zones
  • Strong, compelling, and clear written, oral, and visual communication
  • Self-motivated to succeed and take initiative and seek continuous improvement

Desired skills

  • Outreach experience, particularly engaging with global and technical audiences
  • Data science skills
  • Familiarity with product management
  • Familiarity with one or more digital repository platforms (DSpace, Dataverse, ePrints, Invenio, Samvera, etc)
  • Experience with tools such as Salesforce and Wordpress is a plus
  • Experience working in an international environment
  • Comfortable working remotely

Why work for us

  • Remote position.
  • Competitive local salary.
  • 30 days vacation time annually, plus 1 day paid extra for volunteer work of your choice.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Option to work in a co-working space with a paid contribution from us.
  • Opportunity to learn something new every day.


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