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Rafael Muñoz-Tamayo, Birte L Nielsen, Mohammed Gagaoua, Florence Gondret, E Tobias Krause, Diego P Morgavi, I Anna S Olsson, Matti Pastell, Masoomeh Taghipoor, Luis Tedeschi, Isabelle Veissier, Christian Nawroth, Seven steps to enhance Open Science practices in animal science, PNAS Nexus, Volume 1, Issue 3, July 2022, pgac106,


The Open Science movement aims at ensuring accessibility, reproducibility, and transparency of research. The adoption of Open Science practices in animal science, however, is still at an early stage. To move ahead as a field, we here provide seven practical steps to embrace Open Science in animal science. We hope that this paper contributes to the shift in research practices of animal scientists towards open, reproducible, and transparent science, enabling the field to gain additional public trust and deal with future challenges to guarantee reliable research. Although the paper targets primarily animal science researchers, the steps discussed here are also applicable to other research domains.



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