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Bayer, Christiane, Frech, Andreas, Gabriel, Vanessa, Kümmet, Sonja, Lücke, Stephan, Munke, Johannes, Putnings, Markus, Rohrwild, Jürgen, Schulz, Julian, Spenger, Martin, & Weber, Tobias. (2022). DataCite Best Practice Guide (Version 2.0). Zenodo. This document is a guideline for the use of the official DataCite Metadata Schema documentation [external link], version 4.4 [external link]. A support documentation for more convenience and better navigation can be found here as a HTML version DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation [external link, different versions available]. It is meant for researchers, IT and library support staff. Further information on the schema can be found on the DataCite support site [external link].  


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