Comparing Rivers: Aquacritical Perspectives across History and Literature

Calenda 2022-06-28


This call for paper is a special issue journal proposal. We look for new eco-orientated interpretations of rivers in different cultural sources and for other people and their river-related studies. We expect the potential authors to investigate new or revisit well-known sources, both elite and popular, within what we call the aquacritical perspective of river-centred analysis. This river-centric approach may involve sources across genres and periods to show how they contribute to unexplored river people adaptation cultures, e.g. how such people coped with the elemental nature of rivers, negotiated their space in the riparian landscape, and encoded ecological knowledge that survived in the memory of culture.


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Authors: (Lucie Choupaut)

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06/28/2022, 10:49

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06/27/2022, 18:00