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This OpenAIRE1 report is based on input from the publishing and library community collected during and in connection with the OpenAIRE workshop on “Sustainable  non-APC  Open  Access Publishing Models”, held at Bielefeld University on February 26-27, 2019.2 It seeks to:

Showcase and review selected non-APC and collaborative publication models in the context of the current Open Access publishing landscape.   Suggest a set of recommendations aimed at research funders, policymakers and the publishing, community, for moving towards a more sustainable and diverse Open Access publishing future, one where collaborative and non-APC publishing could represent a viable, cost and resource effective alternative to APC-based business models for Open Access publishing.   In the current landscape collaborative and non-APC Open Access publishing channels are facing several challenges: Predictable access to funding and resources to finance these models and medium to long term planning and stability. Moreover, visibility and reputation of these channels compete with APC-based and subscription channels for the research community’s perception of quality and prestige as well as for the awareness of research funders and institutions.



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