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F1000 Research and OpenAIRE agreed to collaborate to make the publications on the new platform fully visible, searchable and enriched with additional information. By linking to OpenAIRE’s corpus of publications, publications from ORE will be further exposed. Together, they will work on the following objectives: integration of the EC grants’ information in ORE through OpenAIRE APIs harmonisation of the grants classifications to be used in ORE with OpenAIRE reporting services support automated deposition in ORE from the OpenAIRE content providers align statistics display and if possible, integrate OpenAIRE usage stats in ORE build strong relationships with the OpenAIRE NOADs as key stakeholders and conduits of information about the ORE platform OpenAIRE will also contribute to the discussion around the sustainability of the platform in dedicated workshops and venues.



06/27/2020, 02:32

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