Methodology paper for the General Medicine Inpatient Initiative Medical Education Database (GEMINI MedED): a retrospective cohort study of internal medicine resident case-mix, clinical care and patient outcomes

database[Title] 2022-09-25


INTRODUCTION: Unwarranted variation in patient care among physicians is associated with negative patient outcomes and increased healthcare costs. Care variation likely also exists for resident physicians. Despite the global movement towards outcomes-based and competency-based medical education, current assessment strategies in residency do not routinely incorporate clinical outcomes. The widespread use of electronic health records (EHRs) may enable the implementation of in-training assessments...


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Andrew Cl Lam, Brandon Tang, Anushka Lalwani, Amol A Verma, Brian M Wong, Fahad Razak, Shiphra Ginsburg

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09/25/2022, 21:49

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09/24/2022, 06:00