IDCC13 Data Publication: generating trust around data sharing | Digital Curation Centre 2013-01-29


"Publishing data is hardly a new concept, for example the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data is in its 42nd volume. But reference datasets are of course an exception to the rule; maps of the known disciplinary terrain rather than the stuff normally encountered when exploring it. Recently though the idea of a ‘data journal’ has gained a lot of traction as a vehicle for publishing research data. One of the issues this session was concerned with was the potential for this and other publication models to make data sharing work more effectively for all those interested in its creation and reuse. A data paper (or data article) takes data that’s been deposited in a repository and expands on the ‘why, when and how’ of its collection and processing, leaving an account of the analysis and conclusions to a conventional article, perhaps written at a different time and by different authors. Data journals are not the only model around; ‘enhanced publications’ take the rather different tack of integrating underlying datasets into the online article. By developing services around vocabularies and visualisation, enhanced publications should help the data to give more voice to the claims made and allow others to contest those claims. Both of these strands of thought were in evidence during the Data publication session on day 2 of IDCC13, and in a post-conference workshop that I organised with the PREPARDE project (more of that later). In both cases the discussion often returned to the question of ‘trust’ – in the relations between data producers, users, and the various intermediaries involved, mainly repositories and publishers. Dutch organisation DANS (Data Archiving and Network Services) has done leading work in the enhanced publication area. Maarten Hoogerwerf took us through results from their work in the EU OpenAIREplus project to support linking of data and other contextual information to publications... In OpenAIREplus, DANS and other partners built demonstrator projects in life sciences, social sciences and humanities, and then reflected on how common needs could best be supported..."


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