EBoolk Business Models: a scorecard for public libraries

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Use the link to access the full text document from the American Library Association.  An excerpt reads as follows: "Digital content, unlike print materials, is sold to libraries under a range of licensing terms. One example of this is the difference between HarperCollins’ 26-lending limit
at moderate prices versus Random House’s perpetual licenses but usually at much 
higher prices. The Digital Content & Libraries Working Group (DCWG) began documenting and 
describing attributes of various licensing arrangements libraries may have with
publishers in the August 2012 report  Ebook Business Models for Public Libraries. 
Now we are pleased to share The Ebook Business Model Scorecard, which more fully
examines the variables often seen in ebook license agreements or contracts. At the 
same time, the variables, when considered as a whole, can help libraries 
conceptualize licenses holistically instead of fixating on one aspect of a contract in 
isolation.  It is worth noting that licensing models for ebooks are in flux.  Many libraries are 
experimenting with the development of their own licensing schemes, some already 
entering into agreements with independent publishers and self-publishing groups. 
This document focuses on the kinds of licensing terms we see generally in the ebook 
industry at this time, and the kinds of variables libraries should consider when 
bargaining with publishers, or when libraries determine that they want to develop 
their own business models, as some proactive libraries already have done.   
The  Scorecard explains the meaning of licensing terms often seen in ebook 
contracts.  It provides a Likert scale to assess ebook contract aspects with vendors 
or publishers.  The Scorecard also can be used by librarians to 'weigh' the variables 
most important for their library.  By completing the  Scorecard the library can 
identify what contract variables are essential, which can be used to craft a model 
contract for the library..."



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