Ergebnisse der Arbeitsgruppe “Wissenschaft, Öffentlichkeit, Medien” - Augenspiegel 2014-06-19


[From google's English] "What relationship exists between science, the public and media? This question examined the working group 'science, the public, the media'  (short WÖM). Their findings, the Working Group in Berlin today and for discussion. This is accompanied by a joint statement of acatech - German Academy of Science , the Union of the German Academies of Sciences and the Leopoldina . I am on site and live blogging here, if the network situation permits. The invitation reads: 'To design the communication between science, the public and the media studies and journalism are among the indispensable cornerstone of a democratic society. Despite their necessary independence from each other and their different tasks in many parts of both fulfill similar functions. They provide policy and society with diverse and reliable information possible, strengthen education and knowledge of the population, stimulate democratic discourses and to provide a basis for better policy, economic and technological decisions. The academies responsible for this opinion to follow developments in science and media attention. They consider it necessary that the science and the media itself, but also policy makers and society to make a more active contribution to the quality of publicly available information - to ensure the future - and that includes the scientific knowledge and its representation in the media . To counteract undesirable developments, enter the academies of science, politics, society actors and media recommendations to be presented and discussed at this event' ..."


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