Streit um den Open Access: Empörung alleine reicht nicht - Feuilleton Nachrichten - 2014-06-19


[From Google's English]  "It all started with the publication of regulations obliged the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research, which supported researchers to publish their results on the Internet. Scientists and publishers rebelled promptly and numerous, and the Internet. The SNSF reacted as bureaucracies always react when they are criticized: He opened hidden backdoors in the regulations and made them public on the homepage. As is now following to read: 'Is not the Open Access publication of insurmountable legal and technical reasons, the SNF may approve on request, a plain text version as OA publication or remove the obligation entirely.' - Now we are after a few weeks of outrage because as clueless as the two CIA department head at the end of the intelligence satire 'Burn After Reading,' the Coen brothers. - Well that ends well? ..."


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