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"Click here (www.osti.gov/pages/) to view the future of public access to scientific publications. As of August 4, 2014, and for the first time ever, the Department of Energy (DOE) will provide a portal (see above) allowing anyone to read, download, and analyze in digital form final peer-reviewed manuscripts or final published articles of work sponsored by the Department.  You can read the entire DOE public access plan here. DOE conducts more than $10 billion a year in R&D, and the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) helps ensure a return on those investments by making DOE-sponsored R&D results available in web-based searchable databases.  These DOE databases include electronic full-text research reports; energy citations going back to the Manhattan Project era; e-prints (journal article pre-publication drafts, scholarly papers, and more); DOE R&D accomplishments; and DOE patents ... But now, that’s all changed with DOE PAGESBeta (Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science).  And this is a very significant change.  After a twelve-month embargo period, readers will have access to journal articles (the Version of Record) or accepted manuscripts resulting from DOE research funding.  Historically, most of this collection of DOE-affiliated articles -- we estimate over 20,000 per year -- has been available only through subscription, which can run hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a year, or through purchase of a single article.  These articles,once behind a perpetual paywall, will now be freely available to the public, after this twelve-month interval.  Our goal is simple:  The public will have access to the best available version of a scholarly publication resulting from the research sponsored by its tax dollars ..."



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