US Department of Energy Announces Public Access Plan | The Scholarly Kitchen 2014-08-05


" ... There is much to digest here, and I suspect we’ll see a lot of detailed analysis over the next few weeks, but some initial thoughts below. I do serve on the Interim Board of Directors for CHORUS (the Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States), so consider this a conflict of interest statement. To be absolutely clear though, as the question has come up in recent attributions of quotes from The Scholarly Kitchen, all opinions voiced in this blog post are solely my personal thoughts and not the official position of CHORUS, the SSP, other Scholarly Kitchen authors or my employer. In general, I think this is a strong plan, and an excellent approach to exploring the new frontier of public access for research articles. Its strength lies in its flexibility, as the DOE has crafted a plan that allows for multiple routes for compliance, including directly depositing articles in their centralized repository (PAGES, the Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science) as well as having PAGES serve as a centralized source of metadata to point outwards toward articles made available through a variety of repositories and in the journals themselves via CHORUS. What this does is allow several different methods to prove their value and efficiency to the community. I suspect that over time we will see practices consolidate for DOE funded researchers as they settle on the preferred method for compliance that best meets their needs.  All that said, the plan, as articulated remains somewhat ambiguous, and many statements in the plan will need further details or clarification. Some specific excerpts and a quick reaction to each ..."


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