Open Source Modeling: The Key Importance of the Community and the Impact on Business Models - YouTube 2014-08-05


"Ericsson has been using modeling tools at the heart of its software system development process, in different business units, for over fifteen years. The use of these tools has allowed achieving major increase in development productivity and reduce overall product development time and cost. In spite of the key strategic value of existing modeling tools, the lack of evolution over the last years has significantly reduced Ericsson ability to innovate. The emergence of industrial strength open source solutions now opens new possibilities as it allows increasing agility and ability to get required product features and improvements faster, facilitate customization for specific domains, reduce dependency towards commercial vendors, and reduce overall cost. In this context, Ericsson has taken the decision to invest in the development of an open source modeling tool solution, based on the Eclipse Papyrus tool. A main objective of this open source initiative is to foster the establishment of a vibrant community composed of end-user companies, service and technology commercial providers, and researchers. Collaboration between these three categories of community members is essential to reach the objective of developing a new generation of modeling tools that can benefit from the expertise of the different members to organically add support for different development aspects. We strongly believe that such solution will foster innovations and enable the fast and constant evolution of modeling tool solutions. In this presentation, we will discuss Ericsson's evolution over the last decade regarding usage of open source solutions, investments in the industrialization of open source technologies, involvement in the open source community, lessons learned, and plan for future development. We will also discuss the impact of open source on business models for both technology providers/suppliers and end-users."


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