Make data sharing easy: PLOS launches its Data Repository Integration Partner Program | PLOS Tech 2014-11-07


"Over the past couple of years, we’ve been improving data access in a number of ways, notably: unlocking content in SI files,connecting PLOS Biology and PLOS Genetics with Dryad data, and making data discoverable through figshare recommendations.  Our update to the PLOS data policy in March 2014 undergirds and reinforces these services (c.f. policy FAQs).  Once data is available without restrictions upon publication, we can build tools to support the research enterprise.  Today, our efforts to improve data access at PLOS continues with an exciting new chapter ... We announce the launch of the PLOS Data Repository Integration Partner Program, which integrates our submission process with those of a select set of data repositories to better support data sharing and author compliance of the PLOS data policy.  (PDRIPP didn’t make the cutting board for names.)  Through this program, we make it easier for researchers to deposit data and submit their manuscript to PLOS through a single, streamlined workflow.  Our submission system is sewn together with partner repositories to ensure that the article and its underlying data are fully paired – published together and linked together ..."


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