Plenario: Changing How We Use Open Data | Data-Smart City Solutions 2015-07-31


"The majority of open data portals online today are confined to information from a single city government or political jurisdiction.  For researchers, policymakers, or other data portal users, this can create problems: we know that urban landscapes are complex, interconnected places that do not exist within the bounds of a single government entity.  What if, say, I want to see a map of recent traffic accidents in Manhattan, and understand if weather conditions have an effect?  Or what if I want to see if there’s a connection in Chicago between sanitation complaints and environmental inspections? Finding the answers to such questions is not an easy one; it would require looking at datasets from the City of New York and NOAA, and the City of Chicago and Cook County, respectively.  Each question requires an awkward compare-and-contrast between data from separate government portals.  What’s a researcher to do? The solution is a relatively straightforward one – instead, work with 'One Database, One Map.'  So goes the tagline on Plenario, the University of Chicago-designed, open-access online data hub that makes the way we view, understand, and use open data drastically more convenient ..."


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