Scholastica Blog — Announcing Scholastica ArXiv Integration 2015-10-10


"We’re excited to announce that Scholastica has integrated with electronic pre-print repository arXiv. Now journals in fields supported by arXiv, including mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics, can choose to allow authors to import their submissions via arXiv links. Among the first journals using this new feature will be Discrete Analysis, a new mathematics journal launched by British mathematician and Royal Society Research Professor Sir Timothy Gowers and his team of esteemed colleagues. We hope the arXiv integration will improve the peer review workflow of journals using technology to embrace new open access (OA) publishing opportunities like Discrete Analysis, which will operate under a 'diamond OA' model. The journal will be able to remain free to authors and editors as a result of the costs it will save by hosting all of its papers on arXiv, rather than having to fund traditional 'publisher services' such as compiling print or digital issues. With the new arXiv integration feature, journals publishing under this or a similar model will be able to eliminate redundancies in the submission process for authors ..."


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