Is Open Access a Life Raft or Speedboat For the Monograph? | Against The Grain 2015-11-09


The University of California (UC) Press started thinking about open access (OA) a few years ago and saw it as integral to the future of the press and a means of democratizing content ... Today, we face a crisis with monographs, the humanities, and the press. Digital monographs remain vitally important vehicles for the humanities and social sciences. The UC Press wanted to reinvigorate it with a new OA model.

UC Press’s Luminos OA system preserves what works well in monographs: selection, peer review, approval by editorial committees, etc. Libraries and publishers cannot solve these issues on their own. The business model shares cost of publication among key stakeholders. Total baseline costs are about $15,000, of which the author’s contribution is $7,500. If a library is a member of the Luminos environment, its faculty receives a discount on charges, and the  library supports publication costs; any funds not used go into a waiver fund to subsidize authors who cannot afford the fees. The Press has published 6 books so far and has enrolled many libraries and authors in its system.  In the future, we must go beyond just proclaiming the benefits of OA, but win over faculty from the entrenched value system ..."


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