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"The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) acknowledges the importance of access to and openness in science and research. IFRRO supports Open Access initiatives which encourage respect for copyright, and which, in turn, do not create confusion amongst authors, publishers and users. IFRRO encourages all RROs to help ensure authors and publishers understand their rights, obligations, and expected returns, before entering into any Open Access contractual arrangement. Authors, publishers and other rightholders strive to maximise the cost-efficient distribution of their works. RROs provide services that assist them in this effort, just as they facilitate legal access to copyright works for users. The routes to Open Access publishing entail different variants of financing and licensing, including ... Regardless of the model used, it is essential that Open Access policies work in practice, that they are sustainable, funded properly, transparent and maintain the quality and integrity of the scientific record ..."



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