Scholastica Blog — Launch of Discrete Analysis Marks New Era for OA... 2016-03-02


"Fields Medal-winning Cambridge mathematician Sir Timothy Gowers and a team of distinguished colleagues are paving the way for editor-owned Open Access (OA) journals with the help of Scholastica. Making academic journal articles free to read and quick to access — that’s the mission of the growing open access movement. Cambridge mathematician Sir Timothy Gowers and a team of colleagues are leading the charge with today’s official launch of the game-changing OA journal Discrete Analysis. The journal will be owned by its editors, rather than a publisher middleman, and will follow the “diamond OA model,” meaning it will be free to read and publish in. We sat down with Gowers to learn more about Discrete Analysis, which will be peer-reviewed and published via Scholastica, and to discuss his vision for the future of editor-owned journals ..."


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