Open Access Status of Journal Articles from ERC Funded Projects 2012-07-16


Use the link to access the full text working paper from the European Research Council Executive Agency. The Executive Summary reads as follows: “The main objective of this analysis is to estimate the extent to which journal articles from ERC funded projects are available in an open access. A list of 630 journal articles reported in 88 mid-term project reports formed the basis of this analysis. A web-based search to find openly accessible versions of these articles was undertaken from a computer network with no subscription linked to it. Articles were classified as available in open access if the web-based search yielded a copy of the journal article, an author personal copy or a pre-print. The results show that 62 % of journal articles from ERC funded projects are available in open access. The share of articles in open access varies across research domains. It is close to 70 % in Life Sciences, 65 % in Physical Sciences and Engineering and nearer 50 % in Social Sciences and Humanities. A comparison with the data on open access status provided by the grant holders in their mid-term reports shows that self-reporting leads to an underestimation of the proportion of open access articles. The potential policy implications of the results are highlighted in the last section of the report. They include among others, the idea of using soft measures to further encourage open access and seeking the cooperation of the libraries of organisations hosting ERC grantees to ensure that the ERC's Open Access policy is well aligned with institutional policies and practices and does not place an undue burden on researchers.”



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