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"The competition for prominence in academic publishing heated up this week as a traditional company, Elsevier, tangled with a Digital Era rival, Academia.edu. Academia.edu publishes research papers for free online after researchers upload them. On Friday, the company took down some papers after receiving Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices from Elsevier, which often charges for access to the articles. 'Academia.edu is committed to enabling the transition to a world where there is open access to academic literature. Elsevier takes a different view, and is currently upping the ante in its opposition to academics sharing their own papers online,' Academia.edu told one researcher, Guy Leonard, whose paper came down and who wasn't alone in dealing with a takedown. Elsevier responded in a statement that there are benefits to using its services as well as ways authors can share, even if not necessarily as liberally as Academia.edu and some of those paper authors would like ... On the contrary, Academia.edu is being adversarial, pointing researchers in its notice to a survey complaining of Elsevier's publishing practices that more than 14,000 people so far have signed.  Elsevier offers some open access options for research paper publishing. One is green open access, which lets authors post a draft (not final) version of their papers on their own Web sites for free; the other is gold open access, in which a journal openly publishes the paper for a fee of between $500 and $5,000.  In an era when publishing is as simple as producing a PDF and uploading it to a site, some researchers bridle at the restrictions ..."



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