Another year, a lot more change: a report from the 2014 PSP meeting | Exchanges 2014-04-11


"The theme of the 2014 Professional Scholarly Publishing (PSP) conference was 'Meeting the challenges of change.' Effectively this means: change in the way we look at data, change in the way we think about assessing  journals, change in the way we make journal content available, change in the way we aggregate content, and change in the way researchers work. As many of us know first-hand, the publishing industry itself is in a period of rapid and unprecedented change, so the theme of this year’s conference was certainly fitting. Open Access, one of the major changes in publishing over the past several years, appears to have settled into its new home. Publishers across the board seem to not only recognize, but embrace, this fact as demonstrated by the speakers on the OA session – IOP, Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Sage, and Springer all of whom, like Wiley, have developed successful OA programs in the past few years. Some common themes among publishers’ experiences with Open Access include: problems around payments—specifically the invoicing and collection of article publication charges; confusion around Open Access branding (each publisher has  their own term for an open access article published within a subscription journal—here at Wiley we call this OnlineOpen); and the trend of much of the Open Access content coming from the United States. Some upcoming challenges within the Open Access sphere include pressure to reduce embargo periods and the task of offsetting library subscription prices based on the inclusion of Open Access articles. In addition to Open Access, we learned more about the changes surrounding big data, gamification, CHORUS, and altmetrics ..."


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