KNAW open access dialog 'Publish open access or perish?' - KNAW 2013-01-15


Use the link to access more information about the upcoming event sponsored by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science (KNAW).  "Publish open access or perish? – that is the main issue for the KNAW open access dialog, a combination of a symposium and a workshop. After an introduction by Cameron Neylon (PLoS) and Martin Rasmussen (Copernicus Publications), participants will discuss several statements relating to open access of publications, in both small groups and in a plenary session. The aim of this KNAW open access dialog is to raise awareness of open access by discussing controversial statements. In this way, advantages and disadvantages of the various publication models as well as do's and don'ts will be considered... Discussion statements ... The following statements will be discussed: [1] Access (open as well as toll access) is not a problem for scientists, but for institutions. [2] Open access is a problem for the humanities and social sciences created by the natural sciences. [3] The author-pays model leads to lower quality, because it is in the financial interest of an open access journal or publisher to publish as much as possible. [4] Toll access publishers no longer have any place in the digital era. [5] Open access and toll access publishing are not so much about publishing, but rather about the business model and the economics behind academic publishing."


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