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"The European Research Council (ERC) strongly encourages all ERC funded researchers to make their publications freely available through open access. The ERC Scientific Council has issued (non-binding) "Open Access Guidelines for researchers funded by the ERC", which are regularly updated to take into account new developments. ERC Frontier Research Grants resulting from calls under the 2012 and 2013 Work Programmes of the 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7) will normally contain Special Clause 39 ERC (see Article 7 of the Grant Agreement). This Special Clause obliges beneficiaries to make their best efforts to provide open access to publications resulting from the research funded under the grant. For ERC Frontier Research and Proof of Concept Grants funded under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation it is mandatory to provide open access to peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to results (Article 29.2 of the Grant Agreement).  Authors can comply with the ERC Open Access Guidelines and / or the open access requirements of their Grant Agreements (where applicable) either by choosing gold open access, or by selecting green open access by which they self- archive their manuscript and provide open access within the maximum acceptable embargo period as specified in the Open Access Guidelines / the Grant Agreement ..."


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