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"As a member of the development team of the open-source Dataverse Project, the Front End Developer will be actively involved in the technical design and implementation of various components of the front end of the Single Page Application Dataverse. Although this developer should be able to work on all aspects of the Dataverse code, the main focus will be on the development and enhancement of the Dataverse frontend using the technologies in use, such as React, Java Server Faces, etc., and work on the migration from the old to the new Dataverse frontend. The Front End Developer will also assist with testing scripts and software deployment issues reviewing pull request code from the community. The Front End Developer may be asked to work on other related software products and single page applications. Throughout the process, the Front End Developer will be expected to perform unit tests and make bug fixes where necessary, revise code submissions (pull requests) from the open source community, merging new code with the existing code base. The Front End Developer will also contribute to the creation of the documentation supporting the application. The Front End Developer will work closely with the rest of the Dataverse Core Team and at times with the Dataverse Community."


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