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"Much of the Twittersphere (I can still say this, right?) is alight with discussions on preprints, and a drive to consider open preprint peer review. The trigger was the recent announcement by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of a shift in their OA policies for Gates grantees: they will no longer support article processing charges (APC) and will insist on deposit of the grantee’s work in a preprint server, while continuing to require immediate Green OA should the authors of those preprints choose to publish them in a journal.

In this post I attempt to sift through the goals and incentives in play, leading to thoughts about how we may iteratively move the goalposts on research integrity.

Some of the discourse on preprints has been centered on the idea that journals are no longer necessary as part of the academic ecosystem, and that focusing on preprints is more valuable as an inclusive exercise for all academics, allowing them to share early versions of their articles while tuning them over time...."


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