The WorldFAIR Project - The journey so far and next steps: A special double session at RDA P22, on 22/23 May 2024 - CODATA, The Committee on Data for Science and Technology

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"This special double session co-located with the RDA Virtual Plenary 22 is designed to showcase the outputs from the WorldFAIR project, highlight how these can be used, and discuss next steps. The event is open to all and is free but registration is required.

WorldFAIR has a number of distinctive features that will be of interest to the RDA community.  WorldFAIR is a two-year European Commission funded project to advance the implementation of the FAIR principles for research data.  Coordinated by CODATA, with the RDA as an important partner, WorldFAIR has the distinction of being a genuinely global project and – thanks to special EC rules – has funded partners from around the world."


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