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From Google's English: "The Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation ( EFI ), the federal government says in its new annual report, ( PDF ), which this week, Chancellor Merkel  was passed , the importance of open access to research in Germany. The six scientists who advise the Federal Government with analysis and recommendations come to the conclusion that open access should be promoted in Germany. Open access to the results of publicly funded research would lead "to a more competitive and to enhance the development of the potential of the Internet in the diffusion of knowledge." About this statement also calls on the Commission an essential  republication rights . This right to publish scientific papers again implies no coercion. The scheme would scientists create the legally safe way to publications that have appeared in magazines and anthologies, after an embargo period on  repositories make freely accessible. This would amend Section 38 of the Copyright Act be amended. The result: Scientifically owners could even about the  degree of visibility to decide their research results...."


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