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"Andreas K. Muenchow, an oceanographer with the University of Delaware, has spent 10 years working with Canadian-government scientists to study the Arctic. But now, he says, those collaborations could be in jeopardy.
In a February 7 post on his personal blog, Mr. Muenchow protested a new rule from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, a federal agency, that limits how its scientists—and those they collaborate with—are allowed to make their findings public.
"I feel that it threatens my academic freedom and potentially muzzles my ability to publish data and interpretation and talk [about] science issues of potential public interest without government interference," he wrote.
He refused to sign an agreement that the department asks of outside scientists because it would have required him to keep data from a forthcoming project confidential without written approval from Canadian authorities.
Mr. Muenchow, his university, and the agency have since rewritten the collaborative terms in his case. But the associate professor's public protest has reignited a debate in Canada over controls on taxpayer-supported research...."


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