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"When a researcher in the field or in the laboratory, makes a discovery, she begins immediately to transform the discovery of an academic dissertation. When it is written, submitted it to a journal. An editor determines whether the article is relevant to the journal and then sent to a small group of specialists who read and give feedback on the article. If fagfællerne find research relevant, and not to change anything, the article is published. At this time no one paid for any of the article. The authors do not pay to submit the article, the journal will not pay for the work of researchers and fagfællerne is voluntary. Even editors often work for free.
Traditional magazines are normally paid by subscribers and even readers. In Denmark buys institutions subscriptions, which we can free access to scientific knowledge. In most parts of the world, this access is only for the few. It provides ethical problems: Who has access to knowledge? Who pays for research? Who makes money on this knowledge? And who benefits from this knowledge? ...But world leaders have become aware of Open Access, including to almost all EU-funded research in the next Framework Programme, published as Open Access. In addition, several nations, including Denmark, by implementing policies that open access to publicly funded research is mandatory. This change also takes place in the academic environment that calls for open access and thus the elimination of financial barriers as obstacle to science.
Science should be about promoting knowledge for all. In the global society in which the people of India and China has a billion mobile phones, and where there is almost universal internet coverage in the West, there is no reason why free and open publication should not be the preferred choice."


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