Motion: Open Access: Scientific work and public debate in the humanities and social sciences threatened by measures recommended by the European Commission

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"We are calling for the urgent opening of dialogue on the issues associated with open access in the humanities and the social sciences. The definition of sufficiently long periods of embargo, allowing journals to choose their economic model (balancing what they offer for free and what they offer for payment), is the only way to guarantee diversity and independence in academic research and public debate....Naturally, we understand the Commission’s objectives, particularly as concerns improving access to intellectual output and scientific innovation, and, all told, we share this objective. Moreover, what we do every day is perfectly in line with this objective, especially what we do with regard to the development and promotion of scientific knowledge that is as rich and diverse as possible. We are nevertheless concerned about the conditions for applying to the humanities and social sciences a text that was compiled to remediate problems in the natural sciences. We are particularly concerned by the consequences that could arise from the establishment of a national regime, or centrally coordinated institution by institution, that would oblige academics and researchers to distribute their publications free of charge via openly accessible online archives after a very short period of embargo...."


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