Mathematicians Take a Stand

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"What is our vision for the future? The mathematical community needs a period of experimentation and healthy competition, in which a variety of publishing models can flourish and develop. Possibilities include various approaches to open access publishing,20 refereed journals tightly integrated with the arXiv or similar servers, increased reliance on non-profit publishers, hybrid models in which community-owned journals subcontract their operations to commercial publishers, commercially-owned journals with reason- able prices and policies, etc. It is too early to predict the mix of models that will emerge as the most successful. However, any publisher that wants to be part of this mix must convince the community that they oversee peer review with integrity, that they aid dissemination rather than hinder it, and that they work to make high-quality mathematical literature widely available at a reasonable price. Let's work together to foster good practices and build better models. The future of mathematics pub- lishing is in our hands."


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