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"Times Higher Education just published an accurate story with a misleading headline: "Scholars favour prestige over access."...Why is the title misleading? Because it suggests that there's a trade-off between prestige and OA. Unfortunately, this is a widespread misunderstanding. It arises from unfamiliarity with the growing number of high-prestige OA journals (a fact about gold OA) and ignorance of the long-standing willingness of most TA journals, including most high-prestige TA journals, to allow deposit in OA repositories (a fact about green OA). I put the trade-off between prestige and OA in the elite group the top 25 misunderstandings about OA in my 2009 field guide to misunderstandings about OA....In my book at p. 55, I try to put the accurate result in a context that removes any false impression: "Most publishing scholars will choose prestige over OA if they have to choose. The good news is that they rarely have to choose. The bad news is that few of them know that they rarely have to choose....There are two reasons why OA is compatible with prestigious publication, a gold reason and a green one...." Don't let simplistic headlines or uninformed colleagues persuade you that authors must choose between prestige and OA."


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