Peter Suber, The American Association of University Professors endorses FASTR

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"Kudos to the leadership at AAUP. FASTR is the bill before both houses of Congress that would mandate OA to the bulk of federally-funded research. It's not the same as the OA mandate from the Obama White House, and has been getting less attention than the Obama directive recently. For example, CHORUS and SHARE are proposals for implementing the Obama directive. The Obama directive applies to more federal agencies than FASTR and requires OA to data as well as articles. But FASTR is stronger than the Obama directive by requiring shorter embargo periods and using stronger, clearer language on open licensing and reuse. The two approaches are complementary. The Obama directive is already in effect, but could be rescinded by the next president; FASTR has not yet been adopted but could entrench federal OA mandates for the long term. For more background, see my March 2013 article comparing FASTR and the Obama directive...."


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