PLoS: Things are not what they seem

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A series of tweets showing on revenue and spending at PLoS. "So where is their revenue going if the non-profit @PLOS isn't spending it on conferences, student awards, etc?...One place is Executive Pay: in 2013 they paid $830,216 to their CEOs (they had two), $304K to the CFO, and $2.86MM across 13 key staff....In 2014 they claim $24.5MM in publicly traded securities. I haven't yet been able to find what they hold, but likely ETFs, bonds, etc....These investments throw off some income -- ~$1MM in 2014. But also come at a cost-- @PLOS paid $213K to Investment managers in 2014....Whoa, I need to stop here. Our grant money (i.e. tax payer money) is going to @PLOS so that they can play the market?..."


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