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"Want to discover which research works are being shared, liked and commented on in social media? What about the number of times a scholarly item is referenced on Wikipedia or has a review published in F1000Prime?

We know that discussions around scholarly research often take place on the web outside of publisher platforms; for example on blogs, sharing services and social media. This activity is made up of a number of individual ‘events’ such as a bookmark, a comment, a social share, or a link. With up to 100,000 events occuring every day at a rate of approximately one per second, there’s a wealth of insight that can be derived by analyzing and interpreting this data. And we’re here to help you do just that.

Crossref Event Data will collect and store this activity and make it available as a raw data record for anyone interested in getting a view of how content registered with us transverses the online world.

Our data is transparent and traceable, which means you will have access to information about the provenance and context of every event we curate in our service.

Crucially, Event Data will not be an end-user service and we won’t provide judgments or metrics. Instead we are focused on simply providing transparent raw data, which will give you a solid basis from which to make your own meaning."



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