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"The University of Eastern Finland has a Publishing and Data Policy  which states that all publications should be made openly available when possible. The Library has launched a service to help researchers meet those requirements by self archiving their scientific publications. Self-archiving is essentially providing an open access version of an article which otherwise would be behind a paywall. Self-archiving is a good method to increase the accessibility and impact of your work while still operating within the guidelines of the original publisher of the article. The self-archived articles are stored in the new University publication repository UEF eRepository or eRepo.

Self-archiving has been made easy for the researcher and can be done at the same time you report your new publication into the SoleCRIS publication database with the Publishing information registration form. All the researcher has to do, is to attach the final draft version of the article to the SoleCRIS form. Everything else is done by the Library."



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