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"While it may be rather too early to tell as yet, it is hoped over time that, in addition to benefiting Wikipedia users through the provision of access to otherwise restricted academic work – and supporting the WikiCite initiative – the insertion of these links will result in an uptick of traffic to Strathprints. This is something we intend to analyse through tracking usage statistics going forward, so expect a follow-up blog towards the end of 2017.

It is worth highlighting that this sort of activity will always remain an ongoing project because over time new edits will be made to scholarly articles on Wikipedia and new links to paywalled research outputs created. Strathclyde research will therefore need to be identified (as described above) and appropriate action taken to ensure these references are open. It may also be the case that, over time, this becomes too big a task for any single person to manage. However, if everyone participates then the burden can easily be shared. The first building block to relieving the burden is educating those who edit Wikipedia articles in the first place, so that they get into the habit of citing research that is available openly, either from a Green OA repository or a Gold OA version directly from the publisher. The good news is that emerging trends indicate that Wikipedia users are quietly getting into the habit!"


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