Elsevier/Impactstory agreement will make open access articles easier to find on Scopus

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"Open access is growing across the industry, but it can be hard to know which articles are open and which are subscription. Being able to easily find and identify open access content saves researchers time and effort. With Elsevier’s new partnership with Impactstory, a nonprofit that creates online tools to make science more open and reusable, researchers will soon be able to find open access content on Scopus more efficiently. Meanwhile, for university research offices, the expansion of OA-identified content in Scopus will enable improved strategic analysis and benchmarking.

“The open access movement has done a great job of making content open, but it hasn’t always made this open content easy to find,” said Jason Priem, co-founder of Impactstory. “By partnering with Elsevier, we’re are able to get that OA content out there where it can be used. We think this is a key step toward a more powerful, universally open science communication ecosystem.” The agreement will enable Elsevier to integrate document-level OA data from Impactstory’s Unpaywall database with Scopus content; identification and tagging of Scopus’ OA peer-reviewed articles will begin in August and roll out through November 2018...."



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