Open Source 3D Printing: Exploring Scientific and Medical Solutions

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"Open Source 3D Printing eliminates all the issues we just discussed in the proprietary section. Not only does it reduce costs, it enables easier innovation to solve issues faced during 3D manufacturing....

It is now possible for users to completely go Open Source, making it possible to greatly reducing production time and manufacturing costs!...

[I]n this final and most important section, let us pick related applications that we just discussed and look into some examples in detail where we feel Open Source Approach is most necessary...

An Open System that enables such customized Printing of bio-materials that diverse in nature will make it much easier to conduct research in Tissue Engineering....

Finally, we focused on the Scientific and Medical Solutions for Open Source Bioprinting by looking into initiatives for saving our corals, teeth replacement with anti-bacterial abilities, Bioprinting with focus on Open Source Bioprinting and Applied Nanotechnology for Organ Transplant. In our final subsection, we also highlighted the role of 3D Printing in Drug Discovery.

These are only some of the many applications of 3D Printing. We believe there is a need for Proprietary manufacturers to migrate towards Open Source Business Models that would promote better applicability for our planet."


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