Danske Universiteter går til Margrethe Vestager for at stoppe forlagsmonopol - Danske Universiteter

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From Google's English: "With Danske Universities at the forefront, 800 European universities now collaborate with the EU Competition Commissioner with a clear message: Grab the handful of international publishers who rely heavily on the recognized research journals and push the prices to publish in the weather.

Margrethe Vestager has taken up the fight with giants like Google and Facebook. Now the Danish University's hope that the competition commissioner will also look at the international publishing industry.

"Today, quite a few publishers are on a very large part of the research publication market. Monopolistic conditions have pushed prices upwards. It's deeply problematic, "says Jesper Langergaard, Director of Danske Universities.

The universities 'payments to the scientific publishers increase annually, and the Danish universities' total expenses for publishers now amount to more than 200 million kroner annually...."



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